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第29期 Patent technology analysis of global diabetes

IPAMA智管會/TSipo戰國策 吳致緯 博士/王維位 發表



In 2000, according to the WHO , the number of people with diabetes in the world is expected to approximately double between 2000 and 2030. The greatest absolute increase in the number of people with diabetes will be in India, is projected to increase to 79.4 million. Behind the india is China and America.

Patent map analysis of global diabetes.

Use Aureka software of THOMSON REUTERS to aim at important patent databases of the world, including USTPO, EPO, JP, WIPO etc. application and publication databases, and retrieve 22023 patents until 2008 to analyze(screened by patent family).

As illustrated above, the application of diabetes patent mainly distributes in these reach field below: The main chemical elements of drug research, Stem cell research, the drug design for receptor etc.

Patent trend illustration of global diabetes


As illustrated above, the patents related to diabetes have increased conspicuously in recent years.

Stem-cell-related diabetes global patent map.

The patent which is the first application directly related to diabetes worldwide in Taiwan.

The diabetes mortality rate of Taiwan is among the top five, and the average number of deaths is about ten thousand peoples over the years. For the treatment of chronic disease such as diabetes, which can not be ignored. We can detect that after investing in R&D of diabetes, the number of taking the achievement to apply for patent is not many, when we retrieve the patent directly related to diabetes in global patent database. How to proeed to layout of the global patent early in the technology researched field of diabetes is the most important topic in Taiwan these days.

To be continued...

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