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TSipo is a professional agency of Evaluation of Intangible Assets identified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Our valuation mode of intangible assets is different from other appraisal institutions focusing on financial calculations, our basic structure of the appraisal report covering technology / patent / market / financial multi-oriented analysis and evaluation, providing the most professional, the most impartial, and the most objective third-party appraisal / evaluation report, its uses include the following:

Fundraising, Financing, Capital raising, Capital increase, Liquidation, etc…;

Authorization, the basis of the Technology Transfer Royalties in negotiating Infringement Compensation;

Technology shares (Technology appraised as capital stock) (for compensation);

Listed and OTC companies Accounting Bulletins.

Service Features

  • We use Thomson Reuters (the world's largest patent / industry database) to provide clients with the most professional appraisal report.

  • The evaluation report issued by TSipo is named by three appraisers.

  • According to your different requirements, we provide the corresponding version

Standard Version

Applicable to


Main information

Financial Affairs

Professional Version

Applicable to

Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission

Main information

Patent / Technology / Brand

Venture Capital (VC) Version

Applicable to

Investors in Venture Capital Company


Market Information

Financial Information

We welcome other same industries and accountants to re-appoint us to apply for asset valuation.

TSipo is a Intangible Assets Appraiser Competency Appreciation Recognition Enterprise by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Identification number: CV-CC23

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