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Present employment

  • Superintendent of Taiwan Strategics intellectual property office (TSipo)



  • Chief of Central Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Economic Affairs (M.O.E.A.)

  • Chief of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), Ministry of Economic Affairs (M.O.E.A.)

  • Special committee of Ministry of Economic Affairs (M.O.E.A.) /

  • Second Office Director of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO)

  • Patent Attorney, R.O.C.

​Pin Tsung, Lee Superintendent


Conwy Lee 
Business Leader

The Honor

  • The 14th Ten Outstanding Business Leaders, R.O.C

  • The Distinguished Lecturer of the Research and Development Center of China's State Council

  • Leader Writer of the Taiwan Technical Appraisal Report which is the first to be obtained by Merrill Lynch International Bank and the world's three reinsurance companies recognized and invested 60 million US dollars.


Professional Certificate

  • Dual Certification and Eligibility of the Technical Standardization Medium / Senior Seeded Teacher, Ministry of Economic Affairs (M.O.E.A.)

  • Intellectual Property Evaluation Advanced (Seeded Teacher) Class, Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • High - Grade Seeded Appraiser of Intangible Property of IP Asset Management Association (IPAMA)

  •  Dual Certification and Eligibility of the Import / Self-Assessment Officer, Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS), Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Achieved four certifications of Intellectual property legal system / Management / Litigation / Basis for Patent Examination of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO)

  • Technical Training Course of Isis Innovation Ltd of University of Oxford

  • Dual Certification and Eligibility of the First National Copyright Broker / Agent, News and Publication Administration, China 's State Council

  • Dual Certification and Eligibility of the Copyright Broker / Agent, International Copyright Trade Center of China 's State Council / China Copyright Protection Center / National Copyright Trading Common Market

  • Graduated from Production & Economic University, Taipei (Outstanding Award)


  • Master of Law Institute of China Peking University

  • Double Degree of Electrical Engineering & Business Administration of China Institute of Technology

  • Present employment

  • The Deputy General Manager of Taiwan Strategics intellectual property office (TSipo)

  • The Director and Chief Executive Officer of IP Asset Management Association (IPAMA)

  • The Chief Technology Officer of Kooidea of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  • The Intellectual Property Consultants of Taiwan's Cultural and Creative Center

  • Trademark Attorney of R.O.C



  • Honorary Steering Committee of Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA), R.O.C.

  • Director of the Marketing Department of Asia-Pacific Technology Intellectual Property Services Ltd. (ATIPS)

  •  Manager of RSS (Chartered industry of Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C.)

  • Collaborative Leader of the Patent Search Team of the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), Ministry of Economic Affairs (M.O.E.A)

  • Project Manager of the Intellectual Property Financing Program of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (SMEA)

  • The Director‘s Special Assistant of IP Asset Management Association (IPAMA)

  • The 3rd and 4th Director of IP Asset Management Association (IPAMA)

  • Invited by multiple organizations as a lecturer on intellectual property rights:

  • China 's State Council / Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan / Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office, M.O.E.A. / Department of Economic Development Taipei City Government / Industrial Technology Research Institute / Taiwan Cultural & Creative Center / Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association / National Yang Ming University / National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) / National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)…etc.


Ching-Yuan Yeh       Lawyer


  • S.J.D., University of Pennsylvania (2005)

  • J.D., University of Pennsylvania (2004)

  • LL.M., University of Pennsylvania, (2002)

  • LL.M. in Public Law, National Taipei University (1997)

  • LL.B., National Cheng Chi University (1994)



  • TITAN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAWS Presiding lawyer

  • Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law junior partner

  • Sullivan & Cromwell LLP lawyer

  • Law and Regulation Commission, Taipei City Government Committee Chairperson

  • International Affairs Committee Taipei City Government  member and CEO

  • ffice of the President Republic of China Legal Affairs Committee member

  • Mainland Affairs Council Repiblic of ChinaAdvisory Committee

  • Mainland Affairs Council Repiblic of Chin Member of Appeal Review Committee

  • EASY CARD limited company Supervisor


PhD. Roger Tsai       Lawyer


  • Ph.D., International Economic Law, Peking University (2013)

  • L.L.M., National Taiwan University (2003)

  • L.L.B., National Chung-Cheng University (1997)



  • TITAN ATTORNEYS-AT-LAWS Consultant/senior Lawyer

  • BEIJING DHH LAW FIRM Consultant (2019~now)

  • DeHeng Law Offices Taiwan-related Investment, M&A and Dispute Resolution Professional Committee Chairperson (2019~now)

  • LEE AND LI ATTORNEYS-AT-LAWS Senior lawyer (2006-2019)

  • ZHONG YIN LAW FIRM Consultant (2011-2013)

  • The Chinese Arbitration Association arbitrator (2014~now)

  • Shanghai Pudong New District ORIENTAL MEDIATION CENTER Invited lawyer mediator (2019~now)

  • Keelung Bar Association Mainland China Affairs Committee Chairperson  Deputy Chairperson (2016-2019)

  • Taipei Bar AssociationMainland China Affairs, International Affairs, Editorial Board member (2016-2019)




  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology,( MIT) postdoctoral research

  • The University of Tokyo. Ph.D. in Chemistry

  • National Taiwan University College of Medicine Master of Biochemistry

  • National Taiwan University botany Department of Botany



  • Natinal Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Overseas Postdoctoral Research Scholarships (2010-2012)

  • Japan Hirose Foundation Scholarship Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship (2008-2010)

  • Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association scholarship (2005-2008)

  • Natinal Science and Technology Council (NSTC) PhD Program Scholarships (2002-2004)

  • Natinal Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Doctoral Dissertation Award(2002)

Academic Works

  • Tanaka K, Tatebayashi K, Nishimura A, Yamamoto K, Yang HY, and Saito H.
  • Yeast osmosensors Hkr1 and Msb2 activate the Hog1 MAPK cascade by different mechanisms.
    Sci. Signal. 7: ra21, 2014

  • Yang HY*,Tatebayashi K*,Yamamoto K, and Saito H.
    Glycosylation defects activate the filamentous growth Kssl MARK and concomitantly
    Inhibit the_osmoregulatory Hogl MARK.(*These authors contributed equally.)
    EMBO J.28:1380—1391A,2009

  •  Tatebayashi K*,Tanaka K*,Yang HY*,Yamamoto K,Matsushita Y,Tomida T,Iami M.and Saito H.

  • Transmembrane mucins Hkrl and Msbs are putative osmosensors in the SHO1 branch of yeast
    HOG pathway. (*These authors contributed equally.)
    EMBO J. 26:3521-3533,2007

  • hih SF,Wu YH,Hung CH,Yang HY,and Lin JY.
    Abrin triggers cell death by inactivating a thiol-specific antioxidant protein

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