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In view of the rapid development of intellectual property rights in Taiwan, the number of patent applications in Taiwan has been ranked among the top in the world for many years. However, the annual fees paid by Taiwan to foreign countries have also increased year by year. This is all that ordinary enterprises are blindly applying patents desperately in these years, but did not do a good job of patent search, analysis and layout. And the general firms are only undertaking higher-profit applications and training writers to write patent specifications only; unwilling to train (or lack the ability to train) patent engineers to do less profitable patent search, analysis and layout, but it is the most important.


In recent years, litigation disputes, compensation and negotiation of international intellectual property rights (patents/trademarks/copyrights) are keep happening. The domestic business community began to notice that the number of patents is not the same as the technical protection. The trademark application also needs to be applied strategically.


Our Chinese Trademark ”戰國策” and English trademark ”Taiwan StrategicS®”, abbreviated as “TSipo”. The Trademark Spirit is...

Intellectual property rights have become the means and strategy for enterprises to compete with each other. Commercial competition is similar to the Warring States period (475-221 BC) in China. Intellectual property rights are no longer simply as a tool of protection, but the decisive weapon in war.

TSipo brings together the best talents in Taiwan's various fields and is willing to act as a strategic counselor, offering advice to companies and providing a strategic layout of intellectual property rights and business intelligence.

TSipo not only avoids patent traps set by the adversary, but also protects your company's technology or products. Further, we expand and consolidate the technical and legal rights of your company so that competitors cannot compete with your company on the market.

TSipo provides professional services related to patents, trademarks, copyrights and laws mainly. In particular, work for overall planning, patent analysis layout, infringement appraisal, product/patent/technology layout, patent map, patented technology commercialization, patented technology negotiation and global application strategy of intellectual property rights in three major areas of electronic motors, biotechnology and medical equipment.

TSipo particularly cares about the integrity and confidentiality of employees, and actively and quickly provides information on the professionalism of the case. Under the integrated operations of each professional department, we can turn wisdom into the most competitive intellectual property in the shortest time.

TSipo's team is composed of domestic and international master/doctors with senior industry experience, professional lawyers to resolve intellectual property rights litigation and disputes, and also have a consultant team to provide the most complete strategy. In addition, our office installs a security alert system (police connections) to link with the police station, in order to provide clients with the most complete service in maintaining confidentiality.


For international business, TSipo has also established a network of contacts with various countries, regions, and associations around the world to provide a global layout and strategy. TSipo adheres to quality and has the belief that “not the largest, but the best,” so we have long-term strategic alliances with many domestic and foreign companies, various intellectual property rights businesses of contracting government agencies, and the trust of central research institutions and professors of famous national universities.


We will grow with your company's growth!

Your company's growth is our pride!

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